What is the Difference Between a Line Pump and a Boom Pump?   

The main difference between a concrete line pump and a concrete boom pump is the volume capacity at which it operates. A line pump is suitable for small construction projects with a primary focus on residential concrete work. The line pump is considered to be a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a truck that provides versatility through the flexibility of the portable hose. It operates at a lower volume capacity deeming them perfect for applications such as driveways, pathways and general concreting. A boom pump is more fitting to projects that mandate faster and higher volumes of concrete application. The boom pump typically assists commercial or large-scale concrete pumping projects. Unlike the line pump, the pump itself is mounted to a truck and is remotely controlled. The boom pump has the ability to reach vertical heights, making them ideal for high-rise buildings and slabs. Talk to our team today to find out which pump is best suited to your project.

What Services do Get Pumped Offer for Residential Projects?

Get Pumped offer residential concrete pump hire across Victoria to assist in the successful completion of your residential project. Line pump and boom pump hire is available for both small and large-scale endeavours. Concrete footpath construction, driveway construction, concrete footings, piers and slabs are a few of the past projects Get Pumped have successfully serviced. We are fully equipped to handle the steepest and most complex of projects and are known for our accurate determination of thickness and depths suited to your plans as well as precisely pouring concrete to create sturdy structures.

What is a Concrete Pump Used for?

Concrete pumps are can be used for the application of concrete to develop structures such as piers, paving, concrete slabs and more depending on your building needs. At Get Pumped we can assist you in your next project with line and boom pump hire. If you’re looking to upgrade your driveway, rework a footpath or for any general residential concrete needs, Get Pumped has line pumps readily available to support any low volume concrete capacity proposals. In terms of larger scale endeavours for commercial developments high rises or slabs, we have boom pumps available for hire.

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