Concrete pumping is the process of transporting a freshly mixed batch of concrete mix to the current working site. Concrete pumping is a pivotal aspect of any project as it allows for the project currently being worked on to stay on schedule. This is due to the concrete mixer which allows the concrete mix inside to be swirled around much faster than someone doing it by hand. This also allows for no wasted labour time as more time can be focused on other aspects of your project.


What is Concrete Pumping?

Concrete boom pumps, on the other hand, are utilised for projects that not even a ground pump can access. Boom pumps are controlled through the use of remote control, which allows for ease of use. These boom pumps can sometimes come with an extendable arm that is able to reach over high housing estates or other buildings. This extendable arm could also be utilised if your project needs concrete on an apartment block, the arm can easily navigate concrete into the level required. Boom pumps also allow for safe and quick transportation to any project location as the arm can reach over buildings, which reduces problems that could occur transporting concrete using other methods.

Concrete line pumps are generally used for pumping requirements that allow for the concrete pump pipe to run along the ground. Line pumping can be beneficial for projects that have very narrow access points, which doesn’t allow for the concrete pump truck to be next to the worksite. An example of a project that would require a ground pump would be if you were looking to concrete your backyard. By utilising a ground pump, allows for the concrete to still be pumped into the backyard with minimal problems.

There are two common concrete pump types which allow for varying uses and depending on the project, you may require one more favourably than then other. Both of these concrete pumps also undertake different projects, so selecting the correct pump is essential. The two types are ground pumps; also known as line pumps, and boom pumps.

What Are the Two Common Concrete Pumps?

Concrete pumping can be used in a variety of worksite locations and project requirements due to its diversity. Wherever you need to build a pathway or pump concrete for the foundation of a housing development, concrete pumping can be utilised. Some other concrete pumping uses could be for driveways, concrete slabs, footings, underpinnings, footpaths, cavity and block fillings.

Where Can Concrete Pumping Be Used?

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