Differences Between Residential and Commercial Concrete Flooring

When you are undertaking residential or commercial concrete flooring, you need to understand the concrete you will be using. For certain flooring requirements, there are particular concrete mixtures you can use, but in order to pick the correct concrete, you must first determine if the project is residential or commercial. Between residential and commercial flooring, there are key differences that will determine which concrete mixture is best.


Commercial concrete flooring also needs to be able to withstand spills, abrasions, and a whole lot of foot traffic. By implementing a strong yet high quality floor coating, this will alleviate the aforementioned problems and will save you flooring repair expenses in the years to follow.

In terms of comparing residential and commercial concrete flooring, commercial concrete flooring projects require much more strength and durability. In the case of commercial concrete floor, preparation needs to be optimum as these areas require a load of foot traffic as well as transporting much heaving objects compared to residential concrete flooring. When deciding on a concrete mixture, you want to choose a mixture that will be able to withstand the forces being applied for a commercial setting. The further strengthen the flooring, the implementation of either steel grid reinforcements or fibre reinforcements can be utilised.

In terms of residential floor coating, simple is usually better. For the living areas of your residential property, choosing either vinyl, carpet or hardwood flooring will be the best options. This will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

When trying to differentiate between concrete flooring for residential and commercial sectors, you need to understand what both residential and commercial flooring is mostly utilised for. In the case of residential concrete flooring, this type of flooring won’t require heavy duty strength compared to its commercial counterpart as there isn’t a constant stream of foot traffic. The heavy objects that a residential floor will most likely support is furniture. Choosing a less heavy-duty concrete will save you money, but don’t go completely off the deep end and choose a poor-quality concrete mixture. This will cause you a serious headache later on if you need to replace the concrete for your residential project.

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